EU Commission Cites Systemic IP Barriers in Southeast Asia

Strong intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement is critical to helping countries attract foreign investment, promote economic growth, provide greater access to medicines and improve patient outcomes. The biennial “Report on the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries” cites Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand as priority countries that will need to strengthen their IP regulations to stay globally competitive.

The Regulatory Standards that Facilitate Quality Health Care Outcomes

Challenges in the global regulatory environment coupled with increased demand for patient access to new treatments have put pressure on authorities in Asia to strengthen regulatory processes. As Asia looks to further innovation and ensure new medicines can be made available to patients, strong regulatory systems and intellectual property protections will be critical.

Vietnam Emerges as a Leader in the Fight for Universal Health Coverage

Vietnam has made impressive progress toward achieving universal health coverage, which can be attributed not only to its scale of investment in health care, but also to its utilization of resources and intellectual capital.

New Report Urges ASEAN Markets to Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights

A new report by the Geneva Network urges countries in Southeast Asia to strengthen intellectual property (IP) protections to increase innovation and higher-value knowledge-based goods and services. The report also recommends that emerging markets align their IP systems with the highest global standards to attract foreign investors, integrate into global supply chains and support local businesses and entrepreneurs.