Clinical Research Drives Health Innovation

A Close-Up Look at Clinical Research in Southeast Asia

Accelerating Access to Medicines: Policy Recommendations for Achieving the Health-Related Sustainable Development Goals

[Geneva Network] A report on the importance of reducing unnecessary medicine costs and increasing accelerated access to new medical technologies through the abolishment of tariffs on medicine and expedited examination processes for medical patents and medicine regulatory approval.

Past, Present, And Future Of Global Health Financing: A Review Of Development Assistance, Government, Out-Of-Pocket, And Other Private Spending On Health For 195 Countries, 1995–2050

[The Lancet’s Global Burden of Disease Health Financing Collaborator Network] Analysis of past, present and predicted future health spending for 195 countries and territories. The report broadly characterizes global health spending, with an emphasis on equity in spending across countries.

Cheap Drugs Not Enough to Fight Hepatitis C in Asia

[Inga Vesper] A survey released for World Hepatitis Day showed those with the greatest risk of HCV are the least likely to access treatment despite the availability of affordable medications across the region. Beyond cost, other barriers included time away from work, the added travel costs and out-of-pocket family care costs that would result from seeking treatment.